If you’re leading—or thinking of starting—an urban, Christ-centered school, you have questions:

“What fundraising model do we use?”

“How should we approach board governance?”


“How do we stay on mission with enrolling under resourced students?”

“How do we ensure we’re hiring mission-aligned teachers?”

“Where can I find help?”


We have the answer you’ve been looking for:

A School Leader’s Guide is designed for current and emerging leaders of God-centered schools for children of the city. It contains articles and best practices on fundraising, school leadership, and more from co-founder Russ Gregg and other leaders of Hope Academy in Minneapolis.  You’ll also a receive access to a treasure trove of Hope Academy school documents and more to help you lead your current school, or start your school well.

What’s Inside


Start-Up Tools for Leaders

You’ll receive access a treasure trove of school kick-starting tools, including budget planning tools, fundraising best-practices, K-5 school start-up documents, and more.

Finding God-Centered Teachers

Help on how to find and support great teachers, sample classroom schedules, templates for report cards.

Mission-Based Fundraising

You’ll find proven advice and steps to raise $400,000 for your launch year, as well as tools to run your own Partner Sponsorship Program.

What They’re Saying:

“We knew God was calling us to start a school, but we didn’t know exactly where to start — thanks the example of Hope Academy and Spreading Hope Network, we launched our school in the fall of 2018. We’re continuing to build our Partner Program, and will add more than 20 students and a third grade next year.”

— Roosevelt Wilson, Head of School, Harbor Christian Academy (Houston, TX)

“If it weren’t for our visit to Hope Academy, and all the resources and support we have received from Spreading Hope Network, we may never have had the confidence to follow God’s lead in doing the crazy work of starting a school. The Lord has provided abundantly, and we will be launching grades K, 1 and 2 in the fall.”

— Danielle Piscura, Head of School, Garden Christian Academy (Cleveland, OH)

“For years we had been praying about starting a classical Christian school for under-resourced families on the south side of Oklahoma City, but we weren’t quite sure how to start without tuition revenue. Spreading Hope Network came just at the right time. They helped our team with coaching, school start-up elements, and a sustainable funding strategy. Today, we have received more than $200,000 in seat sponsorship donations, and will open in the fall of 2019 serving 40 students in grades pre-K-1.”

— Nathan Carr, Headmaster, The Academy of Classical Christian Studies; Board Member, St. Paul’s Community School (Oklahoma City, OK) 


Using our proven school model to renew cities for Christ

In 1999, God gave Russ Gregg the courage to quit his job and do something crazy: start a school for his neighbors’ children. If you are being called to start a new God-centered school in your home city, we are ready to partner with the Lord and you in this critical work. You only get one chance, and we want to help you start well.