Is God calling you to start something new?

The New "Urban Classical Education" course from Russ Gregg
If Christ-centered, classical education is best for some—then it is best for all.

If you are sensing a call to start a school for culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged kids, we have partnered with ClassicalU to provide “Urban Classical Education” an 8-session course from Russ Gregg, co-founder and head of school of Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN.

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Spreading Hope Network school-planting fellows can take the course at no charge!

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Mortimer Adler said that if a classical education is the best for the few, then it is best for all. The movement to bring classical education to our cities lives out Adler’s claim, as we seek to give the best education available to those who need it most. This course on urban classical education is presented by Russ Gregg, the head of school at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN, where he has served for 20 years. Russ is a pioneer in urban classical education, full of vision, zeal, and much practical wisdom about how to renew our cities by bringing classical education–to all.

Teachers taking this course will be inspired and moved and will also enjoy hearing Russ’ insights and passion for education in the recorded conversations with Dr. Christopher Perrin.

The ClassicalU team is a group of passionate advocates of classical, liberal arts education. Some of us are educators and others are designers, artists, web developers, or business and marketing professionals. All of us, however, are seeking excellence in classical education for ourselves and for our children.


Using our proven school model to renew cities for Christ

In 1999, God gave Russ Gregg the courage to quit his job and do something crazy: start a school for his neighbors’ children. If you are being called to start a new God-centered school in your home city, we are ready to partner with the Lord and you in this critical work. You only get one chance, and we want to help you start well.