While teachers are primary in instruction, the right instructional resources can be a significant aid to a teacher. Below are our curriculum recommendations for grades K-3. The titles in bold are currently used at Hope Academy

Language Arts

  • Comprehensive Programs
    • EL Education: Language Arts Program
    • Writing Road to Reading (Spalding)
  • Building Reading Habits and a Reading Pathway
    • Daily 5
  • Phonemic Awareness
    • Heggerty
    • Phonemic Awareness Songs and Rhymes (Fall, Winter, Spring Books) (Kindergarten) (Jordano and Jones)
    • Phonemic Awareness in Young Children (Adams, Foreman, Lundberg, Beeler)
    • Phonemic Awareness: Playing with Sounds to Strengthen Beginning Reading Skills (Fitzpatrick)
  • Phonics/Spelling
    • Flyleaf Books to Remember
    • IMSE Orton Gillingham Comprehensive Program
    • Phonics Dance Alphabet and Phonics (K-1)
    • Wilson Fundations
    • Great Minds-Geodes
    • Simply Charlotte Mason-Delightful Reading Kits
  • Grammar
    • Sadlier Grammar
  • Leveled Readers
    • Flyleaf Books to Remember
    • IMSE OG+ Readers
  • Writing
    • EL Education


  • Illustrative Math
  • Investigations in Numbers, Data and Space (primarily used k-2)(Pearson)
  • Eureka Math
  • Math in Focus (American Version of Singapore Math) (Saxon)

Supplementary Text Grades K-3 or Primary Program for K

  • Developing Number Concepts (kindergarten and student support)(Kathy Richardson)


  • Foss Science Kits (k-5)
  • Simply Charlotte Mason


  • Story of the World-Susan Wise Bauer (K-5, plus upper school)
  • Simply Charlotte Mason Curriculum-History Studies


  • Walking with God and His People (Christian Schools International) (K-5)
  • The ABC’s of God (Desiring God Curriculum) (K Family Worship)
  • Jesus What a Savior (Desiring God) (1st Grade Family Worship)
  • Faithful to All of HIs Promises (Desiring God) (2nd Grade Family Worship)


  • Discovering Great Artists:  Hands on Art for Children (Solga and Kohl)