Spreading Hope Network
Job Posting 


Spreading Hope Network is seeking an Advancement Director to serve as a proven leader who is passionate about our mission of spreading God-centered education in our nation’s cities. The ideal candidate will love to steward relationships with donors, foundations, and other constituents and will love to educate and invite people into deeper relationship with the mission of Spreading Hope Network.

Reporting Structure 

The Advancement Director reports to the Managing Director and works closely with the Visionary & Advisory Board. They will serve as a member of the Leadership Team, which meets weekly to both hold each other accountable to progress on strategic goals and to engage in problem-solving for mission growth.


Development Leadership  

The Advancement Director will oversee planning, coordinating, and execution of all fund development efforts, viewing it all as a ministry to those who generously engage with our mission. 

The Advancement Director will: 

  • Deliver on strategic goals related to inspiring generosity for both organizational growth and expansion of our movement for increasing educational access. 
  • Steward key relationships & grow a portfolio of 100+ donors/foundations. 
  • Spearhead effective seasonal appeals to connect new donors to our mission. 
  • Collaborate on grant writing opportunities with colleagues. 
  • Curate and manage a donor database to facilitate the deepening of donor relations and oversee gift processing, including thanking, receipts, adding to newsletter, and follow-up. 
  • Network with peers in Development roles both in other like-minded non-profits to stay fresh on best practices as well as in Spreading Hope schools to forge a community of professionals. 
  • Research, investigate, and connect our organization to opportunities that will increase resources available for our mission. 
  • Oversee the generation, utilization, and management of fundraising collateral as well as email, print, and in-person mailings/solicitations for Development. 
  • Play a supporting role in the creation of relevant and meaningful products and sell inventory to generate supplemental revenue.


Marketing and Communications Management 

The Advancement Director will facilitate the ongoing sharing of our vision in tandem with the Leadership Team and coordinate efforts to attract fitting prospects, according to our marketing and communications core process. 

The Advancement Director will: 

  • Develop a yearly marketing plan so our target market grows an awareness of our mission, including our events at Hope Academy (and beyond), our hub of high-value resources, and our core initiatives – school start-up consulting (Founders Program) and emerging school strengthening services. 
  • Forge an ongoing engagement rhythm with the Advisory Board and cultivate relationships with key influencers who may promote our mission. 
  • Optimize Spreading Hope’s digital presence, including tailoring an effective website and social media strategy. This includes email campaigns, a monthly newsletter, content positioning, and the development of vision videos. 
  • Ensure all marketing and communication channels align with brand standards and visual identity (brand marks, colors, and fonts). 
  • Establish opportunities for Leadership to herald our vision, to exhibit or present at strategic opportunities, and to attend events to network with attendees, all with an aim of identifying promising emerging school leaders. 
  • Work with colleagues, external designers, and client schools to develop print, online, and video assets. Regularly showcase success stories, solicit testimonials, and produce case studies as marketing collateral. 
  • Transition leads generated to the appropriate next steps within our customer service framework. 


Core Initiatives Involvement & Assistance 

  • On a yearly basis, gather Development professionals who work at Christian schools in urban contexts for a monthly virtual cohort to strengthen schools. Be available occasionally for additional virtual calls to consult on smaller development-related needs. Offer consulting services for larger or more time-intensive needs at schools. 
  • Assist those in the Founders Program with the “Inspire” step, where they convene local donor prospects & stakeholders to hear the vision for the emerging school and share opportunities for generosity. 
  • Participate in national-level Urban-Christian education events to encourage leaders and play a role in problem-solving high-level funding issues.


Ideal Candidate & Qualifications 

The ideal Advancement Director will have demonstrated effectiveness in a marketing or development role and can manage logistical details on simultaneous projects. This person will ideally work out of our Minneapolis office, but we are open to remote possibilities. They will have flexibility to travel 30-40 days per year.

  • Highly missional. A strong personal Christian faith & membership in a local church. Enthusiasm for expanding access to remarkable education in under-resourced communities. 
  • Relational. High emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness in relationships and group situations. 
  • Excellent. Driven to create high-quality outputs. High level of care for excellence and follow-through. 
  • Grounded & Humble. Deeply rooted in Christian faith, demonstrates high moral integrity, and desires to be a team player. 
  • Adaptable. Able to adapt and connect with people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, ages, and core motivations/convictions. 
  • Trained and Experienced. 
    • Bachelor’s degree required. 
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in marketing or development role. 
    • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills. 
    • Aptitude with Microsoft 365, WordPress, & MailChimp.


Compensation & Benefits 

This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position. We are open to applicants who are interested in part-time work. Pro-rated benefits are available to employees working 0.60 FTE or above. 

Salary Range: $56000-$84000 (For 1.0 FTE), depending on experience/expertise.


To apply 

Email cari.gregory@spreading-hope.org with your resume, along with a letter of introduction detailing your interest in this position and your own sense of vocation in connection with the Spreading Hope Network mission.

Goal start date: August 2024